Appsure modules


Issuing and sending of invoices, automatic debit order collection, credit card facilitation and account management. Automated bordereaux with global insurers and reinsurers.

Quote & Apply

Obtaining quotes and communicating with customers is seamlessly achieved through dynamic form generation where by:

  • cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are identified and acted upon

  • market opportunities are seized, and

  • low / no-touch underwriting is achieved.

Underwriting & Administration

Policy maintenance, endorsements, amendments, automated renewals and cancellations.

Automated fulfilment.Task management function.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Offering smart and configurable reporting through a dynamic reporting suite with advanced data analytics.

Rating & Decision Modelling

Easy to use configuration tool to enable complex pricing, workflow, simple and complex validations, AI/ML/NLP/BPMN/DMN.

Stateless deployment and integration via REST API suite.


Speeding up your workflow by using different widgets on the dashboard.


Digitised FNOL and approval process, enabling 360-degree transparent customer view.


Implementation, support, and operational services, including digitised automation. Simplifying IT through cloud services to support customers after go-live.

Our features

Modern architecture

Appsure is built from the ground up on a best practice modern Microsoft architecture.

A platform for emerging tech

Appsure is the perfect platform for innovative technologies such as AI, word recognition, straight through processing, emerging payment technologies, mobile interactivity and customer centric views.

Full API suite

All functionality in the system is available by a comprehensive Rest API suite. This means that custom forms can be quickly built for clients is required.

Default forms for all functions

The system has a very functional set of forms/screens for all modules. These can be branded and configured to meet client requirements.

Multi tenancy

Out of the box the system can manage complex organisational structures, such as separate divisions and broker/distribution channels.

Highly sophisticated

The functionality in the system “under the hood” is highly sophisticated. Policies can be built up with each section having their own insurer, payment terms, banks, premium splits, etc.

Configuration driven

The system is highly configuration driven. This means that customer requirements can be achieved to a very large degree without code being developed.

Processing efficiencies

Balancing the sophistication of the system, we design all builds to be as simple and efficient as possible. All UI and processes are built to minimise the number of clicks and steps for customers, brokers and administrators.

Customer focused

The customer experience drives revenue growth and we work hard with clients to ensure the customer experience is a special one.

Solution overview


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