About Us

Insurance made simple

Our Mission

We want to make available complex and sophisticated functionality, that is simple and easy to use.

Our Vision

Recognised as the go-to insurance platform for insurers that want to innovate and excel.

Great solution

Appsure is a great solution. It is modern, flexible, robust and proven. It sets up our clients to operate complex business processes in a way that is efficient for them, and easy for clients to interact with.

Insurance experts

Yes we are techie – you have to be to create quality software like Appsure. But we are more than that. We know how complex and confusing insurance administration can be, with all the technical jargon and legal requirements. Why? Because we have all worked at the insurance coalface. With over 15 years global experience in the insurance industry, we understand your business process requirements. What challenges, frustrations and software functionality Insurance professionals would desire to help them in their day-to-day working life.

Entrepreneurial approach

We are entrepreneurs. We love doing new and exciting things, creating solutions that lead the market. We bring this enthusiasm and commitment to all of our client engagements. If you combine our can-do approach with the capabilities of the system, we believe there is no objective we cannot achieve for our clients.

Why Partner with Appsure?

Modern technology Stack

Speed to market

Easy integration through service catalogue

Highly experienced with converting from Legacy Systems

All sized operations from Enterprise to SME’s


Full suite – use what you need now, step up when you need